Airless DGS

Roughing Render for Vertical Surfaces.
Airless Spray or Rotor / Stator Flat Jet machine.
Smooth, matt rendering.
Clean all equipment with water.
Roughing render ideal for smoothing concrete slabs, shuttered concrete and aerated concrete, for renovating stipple finishes or old damaged surfaces, and for preparing brick, brick tile or cement block surfaces. Surfaces must be clean, dry and sound (6 - 16%
• Excellent filling capacity
• Can be applied partially in thick layers
• Easy to smooth and rework while setting
Airless Pump or the Flat Jet Rotor / Stator machine (nozzles 641)
2 to 4 kg/m² for the first coat, 1.5 to 2 kg/m² for the second coat.
All types of paints and coatings

Enduit Airless DGS render is sprayed in two coats:
• The first coat must be smoothed using a 60 cm trowel or flattened with a feather edge.
• After drying, the second coat must be smoothed with a float.
• After a short setting time, compact the render using a clean trowel and a narrow angle.
• Ideal tips are 641 and higher, depending on the machine power.
• Spray at around 60 cm from the surface. Do not use a filter.
• It is advisable to use protective eyewear when spraying to prevent small particles getting into the eyes.

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